The Investment Dominator is the most powerful, effective, and customizable Deal Management, and Automation CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system available on the market today.

The system not only covers all the standard features you might expect from a CRM such as: contact, deal, website, and content management and analytics...

Investment Dominator is the ONLY system on the market that has four applications wrapped into one: it manages house AND land deals, all your marketing, and your owner financed notes.

See how these features can help scale your business...

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Dave Vardell

"The built-in features are all very helpful. You can tell Investment Dominator is designed by people who are doing the business. If you are serious about real growth and doing more than a few letters and deals a month, you have to have a system."

Introducing The Investment Dominator

The Only Complete All-In-One Real Estate Investment CRM System that Works
for Investment Property, Owner Financed Notes, and Deal Management

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How it works

Find Deals

Deals = cash flow. Did you know there is an abundance of vacant land ready to be purchased substantially below market value?

Send Letters

Sending direct mail to owners in the areas you're interested in, is a proven way to find off-market deals that you can buy well below market value.

Research Deals

Researching your deals is a crucial step when investing in any property; you need to know the true value of the property...

Make Offers

With Investment Dominator you can make sure your offers are positioned properly to close more deals and create win-win situations with buyers and sellers.

Detailed Spot

This feature walks you through some common due diligence steps that'll help you gather important details about the property you are purchasing.

Market Your

Whether you have a deal under contract, or you've just purchased property, it's time to let people know about it, and this system makes it easy!

Sell & Get

This feature allows you to process new prospects in your pipeline or generate a new listing. This way, you can get paid faster, easier, and increase money in the bank!

See exactly how we structure your deal-flow process with ease...

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Gunther Weimerschnitzel

"The time saved doing mail merges for letters and contracts alone are worth the investment. I couldn't dream of doing this business in limited hours per week without the Investment Dominator."

Want to build a strong foundation for generating
more leads, sales and revenue?

The Investment Dominator Is The
Key To Making This Happen

Our one-of-a-kind land feature quickly and easily generates
offer and option contracts, letters and envelopes. Manage
all of your property deals in ONE central location.

Direct and maintain your prospects, mailer lists, letter
campaigns, and offer requests for your real estate deals.

Communicate with your sellers, buyers, and leads
flawlessly with our intuitive marketing features.
Including... generating pages such as: opt-ins,
property listing and ad pages.

Keep track of follow-ups, to-dos, and all of your seller
financing (loans and lease purchases) notes.

Watch the magic unfold seamlessly inside
of Investment Dominator...

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Our unique design is tailored to your needs of organizing and managing everything into one place
where it can be EASY TO FIND on the fly. Scale your business with the help of Investment Dominator.

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Streamline Your Entire Deal-Flow Process

As you move through each customizable stage of the process; from making and securing offers,
to closing and marketing the property, we provide you with helpful tools to make your life easy.
Each stage, the system provides everything you need to complete your objectives including:

Research Tools

Investment Calculators

Built-In Document Templates

Contract Templates

Dynamic Call Scripts

Property and Value Reports

Classified Ads

Property Listing Pages

Access leading industry tools that put you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition...

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Rick Tellier

"Over 1,150 letter mailed today! "Moving from houses to land
has been one heck of an education and I will say that Investment Dominator software is worth its weight in GOLD!"

What is the most powerful feature people can't stop talking about?

The ALL-IN-ONE integration and
customization of your own buying,
selling and marketing website

Pre-built and customizable buying, selling
and opt-in websites

Owners can submit their property details online, which
builds a list of motivated sellers.

Sell your properties on your built-in website.

Efficiently track and measure the effectiveness of your
marketing campaigns to increase sales.

Create and design your own professional blog and
articles to drive traffic to your company website.

Change the look and feel of each landing page and
website however you want.

Cindy Lee

"I love the Investment Dominator System... could not have done any of this without it!! If you plan to be
serious in this business, you must have Investment Dominator!"

The Customization Options are Endless:

You can adjust the appearance, overall look
and feel, and text of your website.

Choose your own DREAM domain name.

You can create custom documents with
merge fields such as: first and last name,
email, address, etc.

You have access to one-click printing.

Investment Dominator Allows You to:

Easily locate records

Manage your deal-flow process seamlessly

Generate offer and option contracts, letters,
and envelopes

Track all of your house and land deals within
each phase of the deal flow

Pull reports on your deals and contact records

Manage and maintain both your buying and
selling websites

And so much more...

Start here and we'll show you exactly how it works...

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Automate and Integrate
With Other Powerful Tools
To Dominate Your Market

Dominate your market by integrating and tapping into existing marketplaces, social networks, and leveraging the power of specialized tools and software.

Melody Balk

"I have kissed so many guru frogs to find the right leader/ system/ mentor/ technique/ niche in the real estate including the software Investment Dominator. I have tried countless CRM programs and it's the BEST. A heartfelt thank you..."

The bottom line...

Investment Dominator is the only CRM designed from the ground up to be innovative and flexible, allowing for Land,
House, and Owner Financed deals to go smoothly. Built from scratch by experts in this industry, each sector of this
system is completely tailored to your unique needs as a real estate investor, to be 10X more effective than ever before.

Don't waste anymore time trying to do it yourself. Get organized and ready to scale with the Investment Dominator...

Josiah Stacy

"I have my first land deal under contract!! I've just finished using the Investment Dominator to generate a listing for
the first time. I love how easy Investment Dominator makes it to do this!!"

Become a PRO today
for just $197 per mo.

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All-In-One Website Integration

Unlimited File Attachments

Buyers List

Integrate With Other Softwares

Team and Task Management

Accelerated Onboarding Process

World-Class Online Support

Monthly or Annual Subcription

Monthly or Annual Subscription

Access To County Data Feed

API and Zapier

Custom Website Theming

Direct Mail Options


Document Generator

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this CRM any better than what is currently on the market?

The Investment Dominator is so intuitively designed and takes all worry away when it comes to listing, buying, and selling your property. We've covered everything you will need because it was designed for and by real estate investors since the very beginning.

What is the cost/investment for Investment Dominator?

There are plenty of options for you to choose from. We do our best to make any and every option available to you.

Your Investment/Fees:

Monthly Subscription Option:

  • Pro: $197 per month

Annual Subscription Option:

  • Pro: $1,997 per year (save $367)

ADDONS that are available:

Note (Owner Financing) Module upgrade (requires Pro Plan):

  • Up To 3 Notes - Free with Pro Subscription
  • Up To 100 Notes - $120 per month
  • Up To 50 Notes - $80 per month
  • Up To 25 Notes - $60 per month

Property Data from Outside Data Feed:

  • Per lead - $0.06 per record
  • Up to 470 records per month - $47 per month
  • Up to 1,385 records per month - $97 per month
  • Up to 2,450 records per month - $147 per month

* Note that unused records do not roll-over from month to month

Pro Plan Includes:

  • 10 Team Members (Users)
  • 3 websites (Buying Website, Opt-in Page, Selling Website)
  • Unlimited file attachments
  • Buyer’s list
  • API and Software Integrations
  • Task manager
  • Accelerated onboarding process
  • World-class technical support
  • Note (Owner Financing) Management (Up to 3 Notes)
What can I customize inside of the Investment Dominator?

One of the fantastic features that set the Investment Dominator apart is its integration with websites that come pre-built for you and the level of customization.

You can adjust the appearance (look and feel), text, and domain of the websites (running it under your business domain name), choose custom statuses for your leads and create custom documents with merge fields and one-click printing.

The buying site, opt-in website, and a selling website will:

  • Offer a way for your sellers to submit their property details directly online without even calling you.
  • Allow you to build a list of motivated buyers to get your property sold even faster.
  • Sell your properties online on your website with literally one click inside the Investment Dominator.
  • And to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns when selling your properties more efficiently.
Who is the Investment Dominator made for?

Built by and for real estate investors, this system was constructed for you. Anyone who is either beginning or advanced in real estate and is looking to simply, scale, and streamline your real estate business.

If you want to track and secure all of your data—this is for you.

If you want to stay organized and systematized with your deal flow process—this is for you.

If you need a better follow up system because too many deals are falling through the cracks—this is for you.

If you want to 10X your profits and dominate the real estate market with either house or land deals—this is for YOU.


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